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Welcome to my website where I hope you will find the inspiration you are looking for to change your life! I am here to support you in your healing journey through my coaching, treatments and workshops. My wish is that you will be able to discover the true obstacles that are preventing you from living your dreams.

  • Contact us today to schedule an appointent with Dr. Brady and experience one on one healing in person or over the phone.
  • Come experience a live training with Dr. Brady where he will teach you his methods and clinical pearls to achieving the health and wellness you desire.
  • I offer coaching to those who would like to break through their barriers and see their businesses grow.

Our Workshops

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After attending one of these workshops you will be able to immediately apply these principles at home or in your practice. The workshops are all hands on because Dr. Brady believes that the best way for people to learn is by doing. One of the things that you will see is what happens during a session...
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Our Clinics

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Seeing Dr. Brady during his clinic hours will give people an opportunity to experience healing in a new way. It will help them find solutions to many things that are related to their health challenges. Dr. Brady loves treating and serving others in clinic and empowering those with the desire to improve all aspects...
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I Am Passionate About Your Health

Dr. Evan Brady graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences and has been helping people with their health for over a decade. It started with him wanting to help others with their health and live more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Brady went through his own health struggles. He was struck with chronic low back pain that got worse each passing week. In his third year of clinic rotations he couldn’t bend over the table to treat his patients!

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“I am most passionate about seeing others overcome their limiting beliefs and negative feelings.”