Dr. Evan Brady graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences and has been helping people with their health for over a decade. It started with him wanting to help others with their health and live more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Brady went through his own health struggles. He was struck with chronic low back pain that got worse each passing week. In his third year of clinic rotations he couldn’t bend over the table to treat his patients! He sought out many forms of treatments and after years of searching he found a doctor who helped him release emotions linked to his pain. After one treatment he felt a 50% improvement in his back! He sought out to learn everything he could after this experience and it lead him to so many beautiful discoveries that he now teaches.

“I am most passionate about seeing others overcome their limiting beliefs and negative feelings. I want to help awaken each person to their own potential for greatness and to live with true happiness and joy. Seeing others heal the past, live more fully in the present and have hope for the future is what gets me up in the morning. I am grateful and humbled by the many people who I get to serve and assist in their journeys of life and change.”   Dr. Evan Brady

Dr. Brady loves to share his knowledge to as many people as he can, which is why he creates workshops and seminars where he can teach and share his experiences. He wants to stir up the deep feelings in people’s heart, awaken them to their own thoughts and past experiences and help them write a new story of gratitude and hope. He wants each person to move out of his or her comfort zone and learn to challenge themselves in ways that will lead to seeing their real obstacles. He wants to help them become their greatest hero’s.

He speaks about change, love, forgiveness and hope…about commitment, fear, and anger and how to overcome the challenges common to each of us. He will assist you in exposing the stories and habits that are holding you back and transform them with you.

“I love speaking because it gives me the chance to make a powerful impact in each persons life. It enables me to share personal experiences and stories that change the way you think and feel about your life, work and relationships.”

Please email or call my assistant to book a speaking event.